About the Events

Our aim with My Friend Literature Museum Libraries Project:

– Showing the riches literature adds to individual,
– Relaying how much being close to art and dealing with art adds to the individual,
– Bringing role model artists with young generation together, and encouraging them to take example,
– Teaching that literature is fun outside of classroom and it expands horizon and mind,
– Encouraging teens to attend artistic activities.

Our objectives:

– Contributing to the development of love of reading,
– To show the influence of literature on individuals development,
– Bringing a different view to literature activities in cities’ cultural and art life,
– Developing library visit habits and encouraging it to be used outside of homework.

Literary Interviews

In these six cities, meetings will be arranged in the museum libraries or a suitable library for the students who are between the age of 14-18. (Adana, Ankara, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Istanbul and Kütahya)

Meetings will be all day long and will show perspectives on various depths of literary art.

Benefits of literature love upon our personality
What would literature do for our career?
What abilities we gain with literature?
Relationship beetween literature and other art fields
Musical literature interview

Are the topics foreseen for the interview.


Workshop is an activity that will be coordinated in six cities, in museum libraries or suitable libraries in relation with literature education with teachers under the age of 29.
Presuming that teachers under the age of 29 who will guide teenagers will also need guiding from the authors who has different range of experience, project aims to strengthen the effect with these workshops.
In the workshop limited to 30 individuals, authors will encourage participating literature teachers to guide young people with artistic tendencies meanwhile solving problems that may arise at this time.